Antminer S19A 92T
Model Antminer S19A(92TH/s) Mining SHA-256 Algorithm With A Maximum Hashrate Of 92TH/s
SCRYPT Algorithm
8800MH/s Hashrate 3425W Power
The newly released Goldshell KD BOX PRO ASIC Miner with 2.6TH for Kadena is now available.
Manufacturer: Goldshell
240 watts Kadena   |   2.6THs
iPollo V1 Mini Classic Plus 280MH/s - 270w (NEW) 3.6GB
All machines are supplied with the appropriate power packs.
Manufacturer: iPollo
270 watts EtHash   |   280MH/s
iGoldshell KD BOX PRO (With 300W PSU)
Hashrate: 2.6T/s(±5%) Wall Power: 230W(±5%) Operating Temp: 0~35 ℃.
Category:BOX MINER
2.6T/s 230W   |   2kg
Goldshell HS Serie
SHA256,Blake2B-Sia | 2.9T
spot new
Goldshell KD Serie
Blake256r14 | 16.2T
spot new
Avalon 1166Pro Ser
SHA256 | 72-81T
spot new
Avalon 1246 Series
SHA256 | 81-90T
spot new
Whatsminer M21s Se
SHA256 | 52T, 56T, 58T
spot new
Whatsminer M20s Se
SHA256 | 65T, 68T
spot new
Whatsminer M30s Se
SHA256 | 88T-110T
spot new
Antminer Z15 420K
Equihash | 420K
spot new
Antminer E9 Series
Equihash | 2400M, 2340M
spot new
Antminer L7 Series
Scrypt | 8800M, 9050M, 9300M, 9500M
spot new
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21 Oct 2022
The packaging is very careful, sales service is very good. Very patient !I am very trust this Chinese supplier
21 Oct 2022
I bought 2 pcs T15 miner, both are beautiful, a delightful purchase!
21 Oct 2022
Hello, everyone, I want to give you a review about the products I bought from China ----mining machine, the price of this product is very appropriate, very convenient to use, I booked more than 20 miners, income is much higher than the input!
21 Oct 2022
OMG! I cannot believe that I have got a brand new landing page after getting @Omega…
21 Oct 2022
Show the Ipollo mining machine I bought from a Chinese supplier to friends all over the world. The machine is very safe and perfectly opened without any damage. The cowminer is really good!
21 Oct 2022
This is my first mining machine Z11. It was very successful. The second-hand machine is very safe to transport and has normal computing power. I will continue to buy it in the future.
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