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LinkedIn is Dead so Now What?

Ok so LinkedIn is alive and doing quite well with its 300 million users, yet we all know that LinkedIn just doesn’t seem to be doing it for us professionals anymore. It makes sense, afterall the company has as opted for a social media direction in order to increase site engagement. That means more article […]

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Sheldon has had deep experience in working with small to large startups.  He previously worked at Syntezza Molecular, Kayote, Global Cellular, and Perio Products a subsidiary of Israel Chemicals as well as Van Leer Technology Center, Venture Capital Incubator.

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Ken is a corporate business development expert who excels in building relationships between startups and venture firms and has helped numerous Israeli startups, raise over $20M in Seed & Series A capital over the past two decades.  Previously, Ken has served as VP Business Development Tundo, Director Eastern US BIRD Foundation, and Sales Sun Microsystem.  Besides […]

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Some Press from our Friends at AlchemyAPI

AlchemyAPI Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Deep-Learning-Based Taxonomy and Sentiment APIs, Transforming Content Into Valuable Digital Ad Inventory

Company to Demonstrate New AlchemyLanguage™ Text Analysis Features During Ad:Tech SF at Booth # 2119

AlchemyAPI, Inc., a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence cloud services, today announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind deep-learning-based Taxonomy and Sentiment Analysis APIs that allow ad networks […]

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Social Capital: It Means More Than You Think

In today’s world of global social connectivity, those ideas which resonate and penetrate the masses win.  Innovation is the new engine and with it the race for leveraging the global user base is the great commercial marketing goal.  Somewhere in all of this, companies large and small have only just begun to realize that social […]

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Hernan is a leading developer and forward thinking coder.  His past positions include lead development at Novamens, Sabre, and Cidway Security.  Hernan’s focus is outside the box solutions to disruptive technologies.

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Social Media and Building an Investment Base

Some of our most influential clients within the broader investment industry have successful learned how to manually poach potential investors and clients using LinkedIn.  In today’s world of faceless data, LinkedIn offers a great way to find the right people.  It is the ultimate segmentation tool.  However, LinkedIn does not give you everything.  This is […]

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Facebook Audience Segmentation

FlockMiner has a number of clients interested in a very select number of leads. Many of these clients are more interested in qualitative traffic than quantitative.  Facebook’s ad platform is uniquely suited to hyper-focus on segmented audiences.  Often times the deeper one drills in their segmentation produces higher CTR’s and more conversions.

Last week we saw […]

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Going Crowd

The great thing about looking at things through a search results lens is that a search query’s results, are meaningful due to their ranking quality. This obviously changes when we approach social media platforms.  Ranking becomes almost void of meaning as any ranking within a news feed is only meaningful do to the action it […]

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With 15 years’ experience Tsahi considered a world expert in IT security, strong authentication and cryptography. Tsahi managed the development of Elbit’s strategic “Positive Code”, custom-designed software to protect Israel’s civil airspace.

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